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Winter Scene at 4614 HWY 1

Designed by JC Dumaresq

Renowned Canadian architect JC Dumaresq designed the building and it is one of his last commissions. Dumaresq was the principal designer of Dingle Tower in Halifax among numerous other architecturally significant Canadian buildings.

Service, Mr. Dumaresq believed, was architecture's guiding principle – that and the customer is always right. "Tell us what you want and we'll conceive it," he told Halifax Magazine. "Of course it takes more than one try [to get it right] … it's all about accomplished dreams."

Historic Property
needs preservation

Mazel Musical Arts Society music school and studio music space is housed in the historic Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Building of Weymouth, Nova Scotia. A beautiful, understated landmark constructed in 1906, the RBC Building was one of the first Royal Banks of Canada in Nova Scotia. Before opening Mazel Musical Arts Society, we restored and renovated the building working to preserve its architectural character.

Heritage at Provincial Level

Heritage at Municipal Level

Mazel Musical Arts
  • ✔Historic brick building
  • ✔Beautiful musical space
  • ✔Excellent acoustics
  • ✔Close to community
An Acoustic Treasure
An Acoustic Treasure
acoustically magnificent

Our building is not just a wonderful space to look at. It is an acoustically magnificent building too. It's unobstructed tall ceilings and stone and brick interior help to create a fantastic sound when musicians play here.

Mazel Musical Arts Society music school and studio was closed for Fall 2018 through 2019 classes due to fire damage from the Weymouth fire, directly across the street that took down two buildings in August, 2018. We are continuing to recover and will continue to keep you posted for some amazing inspiring musician sessions, including singing, improv and coop radio streaming. We have recently added a complete interactive 3/4 green room with lighting and sound systems and broadcasting equipment to this fine acoustical space. Though the façade is currently partially repaired, we still have to fix the roof, which was heavily damaged by the fire. The insurance company unfortunately did not respond positively to our claim to repair the roof. We are hoping to fix the roof this season, but will need community support. Thanks for your patience while we rebuild.

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Please click here to help us make the necessary roof repairs which were not covered by insurance.

“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”
-Alan Watts

An Imagined Letter from Covid-19 to Humans

We are live streaming upcoming events at our studio. Thanks for your cooperation, and stay safe.
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Why should you become a part of our community musical arts programs?

In today's gig economy, there are many ways to make money, even as a musician. Mazel Musical Arts believes that right now is the right time to work together in order to thrive.
With that thought in mind, we have decided to build a state of the art streaming broadcast studio, right here in Weymouth. We will soon be featuring locally originated streaming radio/tv broadcasts, featuring local artists, with local stories as well as musically knowledgeable radio hosts.
You can be a part of this and share in the subscriber profits. We build this together. Please call or email us for more information (see contact info at top of each page).

Our music studio filled up with musicians from the Fanfare Regional Band of Clare. They were rehearsing for the annual Concert de Noël/Christmas Concert at Eglise Sacre-Coeur.
Hosted by Concerts de Par en haut à Par en bas.

We would like to publicly thank Mike Tavares for the recent restoration of our façade after the terrible Weymouth Fire of 2018. He did an amazing job, don't you agree?

Music Literacy is more than reading music.
Why is Duke Ellington Important?
Who was Count Basie?
Johnny Hodges?
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Monk Rowe - Bill Dobbins Interview, from Fillius Jazz Archive at Hamilton College

Bill Dobbins talks about his career as a jazz performer and educator, some ideas about jazz musicians and their lack of being adequately prepared for the jazz jam session, citing society's lowered musical values.
Bill also shares his personal experiences at Kent State during the trouble times in the 1970's and also shares some beautiful harmonic chord explorations.
Instant Opera™

Gregg Mazel Live in Chelsea Posted by Gregg


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